Relaxation amidst vineyards

Life’s most beautiful flowers blossom when we relax and slow down.

Use the indoor outdoor swimming pool, the saltwater outdoor pool, a the whirlpool while the sun shines through the green leaves. Sun loungers and lawns extend over three floors await sun worshippers.

Our wellness hotel with pool in the middle of the vineyards offers wonderful views of the village and the Lake of Caldaro.

Relaxing – at the heart of Kaltern-Caldaro in the midst of vineyards

Pools & Sauna

Pools – salt water outdoor pool & Infinity Pool

While it is fresh water that glimmers from the warmest lake in South Tyrol, our pools are filled with both – salt water and fresh water – for a complementary and beneficial bathing alternative. The outdoor pool as well as the heated infinity pool in the inner spa area are always available for swimming and bathing fun for both young and old.

Sauna and relaxation room

Our Finnish sauna, Bio-Herb Sauna & Steam Room will help your body to relax and release toxins. With infusions are a regular feature of the sauna surrounded by wonderful silence, the heat softly caressing  your skin.

Pamper and stimulate the senses and there are little niches and places of retreat in the large quiet room. Relaxing – at the heart of Caldaro in the midst of vineyards.


Let go, embrace, enjoy!

Let yourself be pampered by our massage specialist to release everyday stress and strain from the muscles.

On request we offer the following massages:

Classic Holistic Masssage

Partial or full body massage

60 minutes (88,-)

80 minutes (120,-)

Bio - Release Massage

Dissolves the tensions in the head and neck in a very pleasant way

60 minutes (88,-)

Vital Massage

Combination of head, neck and foot massage. Ensures a deep relaxing, balanced peace and serenity

60 minutes (88,-)

80 minutes (120,-)

Foot reflex zones Massage

Experience a feeling of letting go and inner peace

60 minutes (88,-)

Energetic body treatment

Gentle grips bring the energy system back into balance. Especially recommended for tension, blockages, general exhaustion and restlessness

80 minutes (120,-)

Lymph stimulating massage according to Dr. Vodder

Stimulating skin and the tissue fluid and ensures optimal lymph flow

60 minutes (88,-)

Bowen Application

This application is a holistic muscle and connective tissue technique. Precise, gentle grips over muscles, ligaments and tendons relax the respective areas. Body's own self-regulation resources are activated

60 minutes (88,-)

Ayurvedic full body massage

Stimulatingly even deletions lead to a complete well-being. Body and mind deeply relax and regenerate

80 minutes (135,-)

Active programm & South Tyrol Balance

Active for body and soul

Look forward on having a break, in the centre of tranquility in the idyllic wine region of Caldaro. With breathtaking views over South Tyrol's south, the picturesque apple and wine landscape as well as the Mendel mountain and the Lake of Caldaro. Capture the first sunshine rays in our large mediterranean gardens in the spring time, swim in the heated indoor and outdoor pool, admire the snow-covered peaks and unfurl your senses with fresh air of the meadows and forest. Far away from everyday life with a lust for life and invigorating nature experiences bringing both body and mind into balance.

As part of our weekly active programme and for relaxation, we offer varied training sessions and hikes.

Discovering Caldaro actively by bike or on foot on the wine hiking trails, forest or lake between Mediterranean and Alpine atmosphere.

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